About Us

The International Conference on Environmental Sustainability through Waste and Recycling is scheduled for April, 2023 at San Francisco, CA, USA. We're creating an open platform for new ideas. So, buckle up for inspired talks from a wide array of leaders and visionaries! In each session, you'll hear from three to four thought leaders and visionaries—who'll share impactful, inspirational, influential, knowledge and ideas. You'll walk away with powerful ideas and perspectives that will make you a more adept at solving real time problem on the job. Don't miss this chance, register now!


Our agenda is to promote discussions among the speakers, help them share their ideas & work, provide opportunity to network, built/enhance professional connections and facilitate possible collaborations.
One of our key focus is to make this conference as interactive as possible. Through a AI powered technology we will advise and facilitate one-on-one networking sessions among the speakers.